Friday, November 26, 2010

Blustery Black Friday

As I sit here typing I can hear the fierce wind whipping across the Indiana prairie, the creaking of the house, and the voices of our eldest son and Mr. Kattywhompus deep in conversation. We are staying cozy inside, awaiting company this evening. How wonderful it is to be restful and relax with family gathered round! With leftovers in the fridge and dogs at my feet I feel blessed beyond measure.

In between checking the turkey and serving up pie, I was able to get a few things listed in my Etsy shops. I am working on a series of cut paper silhouettes, some of which are already available here, and some of which will be available on Simply Primitives on December 1st. I am thrilled to be included among their newest artisans, and hope you will visit me on my page there. Look for me in the Artisan Directory after December 1st. I have also added a couple of things to my vintage Etsy shop, including this Artisans Sampler, perfect for Christmas crafting!

I've been putting these together from my stash of vintage lovelies...things that are wonderful, but don't necessarily fit with our primitive style home. It's been fun to see how much the people who purchase these kits appreciate and enjoy them. I have several more in the works that should be listed in a day or two.

Here are some of my colonial style silhouettes. The designs were adapted from early portraits and are hand cut from paper.

I'm going to decorate a short wall in the living room, next to my desk, with similar pieces. I'm still looking for some little oval frames to mount some of the smaller cuttings.

These are available in limited numbers, so please...if you see one you must have, don't hesitate.  I'd hate for you to be disappointed.

I think they are really special...and hope you will feel the same.

I can't believe I forgot to show you the lovely little gift I received from Michelle Palmer. Out of sight, out of (my) mind... 

I was one of SEVEN winners in her generous fall giveaway...

Michell is such a talented lady...I  just adore her little drawings on fabric. Wouldn't this look fabulous on a fall themed sewing roll?

Michelle chose this drawing especially for me. Does she know me, or what? It's perfect! She also included one of her magnetic Christmas sets in my package and as always, a sweet note.
I encourage you to visit her lovely blog, and afterward her Etsy shop. You'll be glad you did!

Until next time...


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by Corgis In My Garden and I love your blog! I can't wait to visit your ETSY shop.

    Edith is beautiful! There's nothing like a corgi puppy to warm your heart! I had to stop at three but would love to have a little one at my feet all the time!

  2. Hi Rhonda:) Well, we made it passed Thanksgiving. Your silhouettes are simple and pretty. Happy Holidays!

  3. love your silhouettes. I wished I'd had my kids done when they were little. *sigh*

  4. I'll have to stop by to see your etsy shop. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by Nanniepannie's and becoming a follower. I hope you will visit often. I loved your profile and the way you honored your grandmother. I will be stopping by again soon to explore. Thanks again.

  6. Awww... I love your blog and your Corgi is just adorable. I swear if I had the room and funds I would have so many dogs. We are dog lovers here too as you can see from my 90+ lb lap puppy. hehe
    I am now a follower of your blog too. Thanks for your visit