Sunday, January 16, 2011

~I Heart You~ My Blogger Dilemma

First, I want to say THANK YOU for your lovely comments and emails. I appreciate each one of you and I assure you that I read every comment. It's been so touching to hear your stories and ideas, and of course I appreciate my customers as well.

As the number of comments on my blog increases, here's my dilemma...I'm not sure how to go about replying to comments on blogger. When I see blogs that get 100's of comments per post, I realize that this could become very time consuming...not that I'm anywhere near that point-yet. :) Is there a "customary" way to reply to comments? Do I reply to each person on my post/page, under their comment? Do I reply on their page? I want to continue to communicate with all of you-otherwise this is little more than a monologue. So here's my question...How do YOU handle responding to comments left on your blog? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Until next time...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feel the Love...

Updated 1/15/2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Sneak Peek... all I can give you. Have I mentioned how excited I am about my debut at Early Work Mercantile? I hope you will be too...
OK, maybe just a bit more...
I hope you'll come back on January 15th to see what I've been working on.

Until then...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~Hearts~Tuesday Display Chain~

Each Tuesday Misi, of Gable House Musings, chooses a theme and invites bloggers to play along with her "Tuesday Display Chain" by featuring items from their collections. The theme this week is Valentines.

This one was easy for me. I've always loved hearts and have collected them in various forms over the years. It was hard to choose only a few to share. So I didn't...
~Old blue calico heart on Grandpa Ralph's chair~

~Orders, ready to ship~
~A small sampling of my Rowe Pottery collection~
~Old Tin Hearts~

~I'm the proud owner of the first quilt my Mother-in-law ever made. It's a tiny little thing, faded some, but a treasure to me~
~Another treasure. Miss Edith with her heart shaped bling. We rescued Edie from a local shelter...she was a runaway. Please microchip your pets and make sure they wear identification in case they are ever lost~
~A special gift from a dear friend. She knows me well~
~A pinny and a paper cutting (from 1996!)~
~A simple wax heart accents a garage sale find~
~A bowl of crazy quilt hearts~

~Beeswax hearts~ 
~A favorite old Valentine card~
~Pottery from our youth and sea shells from Sanibel Island. The creamy white Scotch Bonnet brings back memories of one of the best days I've ever had~ 
~A garden wedding and bad hair, in the original 1970's picture frame...a gift from my maid of honor~
~A second paper cutting and a Bennington Pottery heart from my Momma~
~A panda and a pinny~
~A treat from Mr.Kattywhompus...gotta love that man~
~The man who stole my heart. Then...
...and now~  
See the other Tuesday Display Chain participants at:

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

~Ringing in the New Year~

2010 went out with a whimper.  No parties, no champagne, not even a midnight smooch. I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with a box of tissues, Netflix and these two...
 Everyone here has the flu.

The weather here has been strange. One evening last week I walked outside to an eerie fog, every surface covered in the most delicate ice crystals. Breathtaking!
The next morning we awoke to this...
 and this...
Followed by two days of 50 degree weather, with a warm rain that washed away every bit of snow. Is it any wonder our bodies are rebelling?

Now, on to the good stuff...
My head has been dancing with hearts. I've been cutting paper, working on a new doll, and I have been stitching these little homespun hearts in preparation for my update on Simply Primitives today.
I've also been pouring some beeswax...
to make this funny little tree of hearts.
And finally...
I'm pleased to announce that you will be able to find my handmades on Early Works Mercantile as of January 15th. You'll want to stop by and check out all of the talented EWM artisans. Take my word for it, you really will.
Links to both Simply Primitives and Early Works Mercantile can be found on my sidebar.

You might also like to know that I am offering FREE shipping on all of my remaining silhouettes, both on Simply Primitives and in my Etsy Shop. Out with the old, you know...

It is a cold blustery day here in Northwest Indiana and I am indoors working on my SUMMER article for Mercantile Gatherings Magazine. Admittedly, it's a little difficult to conjure up images of summers by the poolside. I hope it's warm and toasty where you are.
Until next time...