Sunday, January 16, 2011

~I Heart You~ My Blogger Dilemma

First, I want to say THANK YOU for your lovely comments and emails. I appreciate each one of you and I assure you that I read every comment. It's been so touching to hear your stories and ideas, and of course I appreciate my customers as well.

As the number of comments on my blog increases, here's my dilemma...I'm not sure how to go about replying to comments on blogger. When I see blogs that get 100's of comments per post, I realize that this could become very time consuming...not that I'm anywhere near that point-yet. :) Is there a "customary" way to reply to comments? Do I reply to each person on my post/page, under their comment? Do I reply on their page? I want to continue to communicate with all of you-otherwise this is little more than a monologue. So here's my question...How do YOU handle responding to comments left on your blog? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Until next time...


  1. That is a great question. I know what you mean. I try to respond via e-mail as much as I can if there is a question. I rarely go back and post a response as I’ve read that most people don’t go back to see replies like they do on facebook but it isn’t that I dont’ want to answer every one--I do and I know you do too. Looking forward to get others thoughts on this and I will come back to read the others :) LOL

  2. I don't have a great deal of comments. I try to answer each one separately. If they accumulate overnight, I do one message and separate my comment to each in that one comment. Some people who get a lot of comments--20 or more, some comment on certain comments and other don't comment within that post at all, but maybe go to a favorite blog to post a comment or e-mail a personal response. If you start get huge numbers of comments, you can announce that you appreciate and love each comment and will read each, but can't respond to them all like you use to do. Maybe some day I will really have a solution for you, Rhonda. Love your doggies! Nancy

  3. Rhonda~
    Believe it our not, I was actually thinking of doing a post about this very subject as I too have wondered how to best respond to comments!! I have tried to answer each one in the past, but sometimes comments build up and I have done as Nancy has mentioned, posting to several in one comment. I just never know if they return to see what I have written! I am excited to see what others say too!! Thanks so much for asking this important question!!
    Blessings Friend~~

  4. Great Question! the best respond to commnets
    it either posting a nice thank you comment,some
    I'll try email a personal note,or if there
    is a question ask I'll email a respond...
    I try and keep simple...However I do enjoy all
    the comments and appreciate posting one...

  5. I think this is a good topic. I try and respond if I can, sometimes for me, I get confused easily, but will respond on my blog or theirs if I can.
    I just appreciate anyone who takes time to make a comment and I enjoy making the effort to get to know people more.
    I LOVE your posts!
    Have a good evening,

  6. I try to reply to comments in email I have the comments go to my email all the ones that have no reply blogger I delete and if I have time I go to their blog and try to reply there.Anyone who comments regularly and does not have emile on their comment I always follow along their blog. I do not have huge amounts but I know I appreciate a reply.

  7. I usually try to respond to comments left on my blog by sending an email to the individual - and thank them for visiting!

  8. Rhonda,
    first: love your blog, your items, and the stories!
    second: the comments: if they ask a question I e-mail back or leave the answer the next time I comment on their blog!
    The most comments I ever had was 38( it's alot)
    so I like to every once in awhile say thank you in my posting to all the followers & comments!
    I think it is just tooo overwhelming to try to respond to each comment!I know some that do & I am amazed>>that's a lot of time!

    Your items on EWM wonderful!!!!

    All I can say keep blogging, keep making/selling & keep writing!
    enjoy the day!

  9. Hi Rhonda,

    It's an interesting question. I personally don't feel that replying to a comment is necessary. I don't think that it's likely that people return to a post to look for a response to their comment. Rather, I visit everyone that leaves a comment and often comment on what they have posted.

  10. Hi Rhonda, I also do not feel that replying to every comment is necessary. I certainly don't expect a reply to every comment I make on another blog. Most of the time my comments are just to encourage or thank the blogger for sharing. If I have a question or personal comment I will email it. I think you are doing as great job with your blog!


  11. I try to "return" the comment on the visitor's blog. I also try to read the new postings on my friend's blogs. Over weekends I do a better job, but during the week I have trouble keeping up. Sometimes I answer by email, but even there I don't always have the time. Your blog is lovely!

  12. I agree with Madelynn-that is really the most reasonable approach and courteous one too I think :)

  13. Rhonda, not everyone has their blog set up the same or it would be so much easier. First, let me say that I love to visit and comment on each post of other people's blogs but I do not expect that person to get back to me unless I ask a question. I don't want people feeling like they have to come see me or reply... I want them to do it because they WANT to.

    All of the comments made on my posts are set to come to me in an email. When I receive a comment on a post, I reply back to that person in an email even if it's just to say "Thanks for the visit and wishing them a good week". If they are a "noreply-comment", then I go to their last blog post and comment there (sometimes a reply/comment is not needed so I don't worry about it). If I still can't reach them there and I need to answer something then I will just reply on my own post. Some people "subscribe by email" after they make a comment and some people don't. I always do just in case the blog owner does make a comment back.

    I hope all this makes sense. It can get so complicated because of all the different ways you can set your blog up. I do try and reply somehow to all those that take the time to comment on my posts, just for common courtesy. But it is definitely not something to stress about because that takes all the fun out of blogging! I hope you find a system that works for you.

    Have a delightful week~

  14. Rhonda: First I have to say I just picked up Mercantile Gatherings at an antique show and really enjoyed your story! Will definitely look for these again. Good question on the blogging replies. Being new to blogging, I was wondering about this, too. I noticed someone I had commented on posted a comment on my blog thanking me for visiting theirs and I appreciated that :-). Lots to learn! ~Roberta

  15. I just stopped by to tell you thanks for being a new follower to my blog, and I'm really glad to get to meet a new blogging friend. I have often wondered how others go about responding to comments as well, so i'm so glad you've addressed this issue. I've read through each of the comments above. I generally go back to the persons blog and read and comment on their post and thank them for visiting me. If it's a specific question I try to address it the same way or maybe by e-mail. I can't wait to see more of your blog and check out your shops. Hugs-Carrie

  16. Hi Rhonda - I, personally, leave comments but do NOT, EVER expect an answer back...I'm just happy to have visited a blog and left a little note behind. I WILL go to the blog of someone who has taken the time to drop by to check out new posts and leave them a note of my own. I would imagine most people feel the same way. You don't have to respond to this! :-) Happy Weekend - Tanya

  17. I just stumbled across your blog finding it on google search when I was looking for something else. I think this is a blog I would love but I can't read it because it is black letters on brown background. Is it just me and my old (55) eyes or is this something you may want to consider lightening with a light background or put the lettering in white. And so you don't think I'm some kind of a nutjob, here is a link to my blog