Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~Hearts~Tuesday Display Chain~

Each Tuesday Misi, of Gable House Musings, chooses a theme and invites bloggers to play along with her "Tuesday Display Chain" by featuring items from their collections. The theme this week is Valentines.

This one was easy for me. I've always loved hearts and have collected them in various forms over the years. It was hard to choose only a few to share. So I didn't...
~Old blue calico heart on Grandpa Ralph's chair~

~Orders, ready to ship~
~A small sampling of my Rowe Pottery collection~
~Old Tin Hearts~

~I'm the proud owner of the first quilt my Mother-in-law ever made. It's a tiny little thing, faded some, but a treasure to me~
~Another treasure. Miss Edith with her heart shaped bling. We rescued Edie from a local shelter...she was a runaway. Please microchip your pets and make sure they wear identification in case they are ever lost~
~A special gift from a dear friend. She knows me well~
~A pinny and a paper cutting (from 1996!)~
~A simple wax heart accents a garage sale find~
~A bowl of crazy quilt hearts~

~Beeswax hearts~ 
~A favorite old Valentine card~
~Pottery from our youth and sea shells from Sanibel Island. The creamy white Scotch Bonnet brings back memories of one of the best days I've ever had~ 
~A garden wedding and bad hair, in the original 1970's picture frame...a gift from my maid of honor~
~A second paper cutting and a Bennington Pottery heart from my Momma~
~A panda and a pinny~
~A treat from Mr.Kattywhompus...gotta love that man~
~The man who stole my heart. Then...
...and now~  
See the other Tuesday Display Chain participants at: http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/

Until next time...


  1. Awww, That was the sweetest post ever! Loved it! I love your Rowe Pottery it's my favorite. Stop by and say hi soon!

  2. I am so NOT a blogger (reading or writing them), but I LOVE yours. I think knowing and loving the author of the blog makes all the difference in the world. BIG hug to my kattywhompus friend!

  3. Oh you have some awesome goodies! I love your beeswax heart ornies! Hubby is a cutie! What a sweet smile!
    I'm with you, I still love hearts!

  4. What a wonderful post - what a GREAT collection! I HEART them all - and a man that brings you sweets - what a lucky girl!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday - Tanya

  5. Lovin all those pics. I really like that garage sale goodie. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. Enjoyed all your displays but being the romantic I am,I loved the last 2 pics the most!!!

  7. You always have the greatest pictures and I LOVE all the hearts so much...especially the one with the words from Rebecca.....I love that book and movie!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!!! I am always inspired when I come for a visit!!!


  8. Sweetie~ Wish I could pick something but I just love it all.Wonderful post.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. I have enjoyed your valentine tour of hearts & beautiful expressions of love. It has been some times since i have seen the old paper cuttings. I really love that craft.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely collections & wonderful inspiration
    Bliss to you dear Kattywhompus!!

  10. What BEAUTIFUL DISPLAYS!!! Miss Edith is DARLING!!! Isn't it a true blessing to be with your hubby for so long!!! Thanks so much for sharing your dear treasures! Enjoy your day ~Kimberly

  11. My goodness, do I EVER LOVE those beeswax hearts! LOL! I love it all! LOL! Beautiful displays, and your hubby looks like a good catch! Thanks for visiting me!
    I am going to have to be on the watch for some big, old naked branches to create a tree! Boy do I love that idea!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  12. Girl,now this is a very sweet valentine post!
    You picked some really good pic with lovely memories!
    Love them all! Tell Hubby he sure knows the way to your heart with a sweet treat!LOL
    Great post!
    enjoy your day!

  13. Oh my, Rhonda, such lovely treasures you have. I adore the paper cuttings. The heart in hand motif is one of my favorites. And such a sweet time worn quilt. Thanks for sharing. ~Madalynne

  14. Looks like you are all set for Valentine's Day. Great collection.

  15. Wonderful collection of hearts and great displays. And I love that your hubby still has your heart.


  16. So many beautiful hearts, hard to choose a favorite. I liked a pinny and paper cutting from 1996, so simply sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Rhonda! I see that you follow my blog so I wanted to come over for a visit and meet you. Good timing too, I love this post! It was very sweet, so many pretty prims. How wonderful to have the very first quilt that your MIL made, she did a wonderful job on it.

    Looking forward to following your blog. Have a delightful week~

  18. Love your heart collection. Miss Edie is precious! Now I'm inspired to go unearth all my hearts that are packed away somewhere!

  19. Hi Rhonda
    What an awesome blog you have. I look forward to many visits and I love your little Corgi's. Miss Edith and Murray. They are absolutely hugable and never let goable. ehehe. Love your primitive creations and this just looks like a wonderful warm place to visit often
    Thanks for you visit and I look forward to getting to know you better.