Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

It's hot here...and humid. And I don't know about you, but I'd rather stay inside and play on days like this.
~Patches, an early cloth dog, found looking sad at a garage sale...($6)~
I've always been a dog person. When I was a small child I wanted a dog so badly that I traded our cat for one. The problem was, we didn't have a cat. It was a hot, sticky summer day (much like this one) and my brother and I were outside playing together...he was ten and I was about six years old. We spent the morning plotting ways we could become dog owners without any money. While walking around the neighborhood we came across a house with a sign that said "Free Cat". We figured having a cat was almost as good as having a dog, right?

"Bone Eater", found lonely and scared at an antique mall~

On the way home with "our" new cat, we happened upon a woman with a large dog. Being the friendly and adventurous types, we stopped to inquire about her dog. Was it friendly? Could we pet it? And more importantly...would she be interested in a trade?

~Puppy, found abandoned and unloved at an antique shop~

Our Mother looked up from scrubbing the kitchen floor to see Bone Eater's scruffy face peering in the back door. We stood beaming, one on each side of his massive Irish Wolfhound body, while Mother asked a perfectly silly question..."Who does this dog belong to?" With a look of absolute pride on our dirty little faces...we answered, "He's ours." I'm sure Mother's, "NOOOOOOOO, he most certainly is NOT ours!", could be heard three blocks away. Much to our dismay, we were not allowed to keep Bone Eater...or the cat.

Eventually our Mother relented and we found a sweet little dog at the pound. Wendy adored me and the feeling was mutual. She slept in a baby cradle in my room and allowed me to dress her in doll's clothes and push her in a stroller. Wendy was very corgi-esque and is most likely responsible for my infatuation with corgis today. She was twenty-two years old, and I was a married lady of four years, when she crossed the bridge.

 Wendy, found sleeping on a pile of rags.

 I'll always be a dog person. And I've always had a soft spot for strays and rescue pups.
~A few of my strays~

And a few more...
~Maggie~ (Over the Rainbow Bridge, Summer 2007)

~Edith and Walter 
(Walter, Over the Rainbow Bridge, Summer 2009)~

~Murray and Edith~
(At home, Spring 2011)

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Beth over at Old Tyme Marketplace is hosting a fabulous giveaway for all you fashionistas out there! She is offering your choice of three beautiful dresses from Shabby Apple. You'll want to rush on over and sign up...I know I did! When I win...this is the dress I'll choose!


So hurry on over to Beth's blog and enter for your chance to win!

Until next time...

Tuesday Display Chain~ Patina~

Each Tuesday Misi, of Gable House Musings, chooses a theme and invites bloggers to play along with her Tuesday Display Chain. "This weeks theme is ~ Patina ~ old finishes or new surfaces... patinas that you just LOVE."

I am thrilled to be participating in the Display Chain again! It's always so much fun to peek into each others homes and share our treasures. It was a little tricky for me this week as we are still painting and rearranging rooms to make more space for my studio/sewing area. I can't really complain...I am truly blessed to have my own creative space. But it does make photo ops a little more difficult for the time being. Anyway, here goes:

My first real primitive antique, this old tool carrier was a gift from my Mother-in-love almost 30 years ago. I spotted it while we were shopping and it showed up under the Christmas tree for me that year. I love the big chunk cut from the end...and of course the great patina.

My Gram's old sewing box, atop an old blue bench in the living room. The perfect place to put your feet up and stitch. 

  In the same room, this craigslist find keeps my sewing needfuls close at hand. I think this is a new piece, made with old wood. Either way, it has a great old finish. I've aged the walls using a rolled rag technique...still trying to decide if I like it. I'm thinking it may be the wallpaper that needs to go. The old basket on the floor has a great green painted finish. Love it!

 Mr. Kattywhompus & have attended Indiana's Covered Bridge Festival every fall for over 30 years. We found this old pie safe in deplorable condition "a long time ago". After stripping away layers of (gross) old pain, reinforcing the interior shelves, and repairing the doors, it became one of our favorite pieces. The tin is original and the sweet punch needle heart is from Ronda Tedder at Simple Thyme Prims.

A stack of old wooden bowls atop the kitchen drysink.

 Pewter salt & pepper, a gift from my Mom.

This Old Hickory Ottoman is part of a set I found at a garage sale for $25. The sisters I bought it from thought it was ugly. My motto? The uglier the better! I love the finish on both the wood and the woven seats. 

 Early morning sunlight casts shadows on finishes both old and new. I like the way the red faux finish on the pewter cupboard compliments the "attic" finish on this old trunk. An elderly friend who knew I "liked junk" gave me the trunk many years ago, and the cupboard was a tag sale find, $50. I scurried out of a thrift store in Galesburg, Illinois with the lavender and gold coverlet for $7. It's big enough to fit a queen size bed and in perfect condition. I love the unusual colors, especially for springtime displays.

 Old spoons at rest in a newly painted spoon rack.

Lots of patina here. A great old firkin sits among old green and brown spatterware on the buttery shelves. See the little spice cabinet to the left? The one with the great distressed finish? In my enthusiasm for faux finishes, I painted over the original finish, complete with stencils. Yeah, don't do that. To redeem myself...I did  find the wonderful little yellowware bowl on top for 25 cents at a garage sale.

And speaking of patina...
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Independence Day

~From every mountain side, let freedom ring~ 
From our house to yours, wishing you a safe and 
happy Independence Day!
Until next time...