Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life on the Prairie

When Indiana first became part of The Union in 1816, the land where my home now sits, was surrounded by prairie grass as far as the eye could see. It seems fitting that the first homesteaders to settle these parts in 1834, built their cabin just a few steps from my backdoor.

The Childers family arrived in October of that year in their cloth covered wagon, with horses and oxen tethered behind. When they first entered the Grand Prairie it was about noon on a delightful autumn day. Emerging from the woods, they saw stretched before them a broad expanse of clear open land. The family faced many hardships that first winter, but with faith and perseverance they settled, and spring was soon to come.

I'm fascinated by the lives of these early settlers. I imagine what their homes must have been like...what tools and textiles they used in their daily life. I imagine their commitment to their faith, families, and hard work.

I have always been draw to old things, and as I learned homemaking skills from my elders, I became interested in traditional methods for cooking, sewing and decorating our home. I find comfort in the worn, well loved look of primitive antiques and decor. My love for all things primitive has taken me on many adventures. I like nothing better than to visit a dusty attic or barn, seeking out bits of old lace or fabric for piecing together a one of a kind treasure. I believe that old things are worth saving and using. To see some long forgotten treasure useful and loved again, brings warmth, comfort and a sense of history to our homes and families.

I hope you'll stop in often as I begin my newest adventure in blogland.