Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks

Sometimes when you see wonderful handwork, you just instinctively know that the person behind it is every bit as beautiful as their work. That's Julie. Through blogs and email, Julie & I have become friends...she is one of those kindred souls that I wish lived next door. When I think that we may never have "met" if it weren't for the www, I'm thankful to live in the age we live in. 

Yesterday, a package arrived in my mailbox. Inside was the prize I won on Julie's very generous blog giveaway. Of course I was excited about winning...but I really had no idea HOW excited I was about to be! When I opened the package it smelled of cinnamon and spices...mmmm. When I carefully pulled back the paper I saw this...

Honestly, I wasn't prepared for just how wonderful Julie's work is. Her attention to detail is remarkable, and her stitching and finishing are meticulous. Add to that my love for sewing 'accoutrements' and that it's a make-do heart (one of my favorite things)...well, you can just imagine how pleased I was with my prize. So of course I took a few photos to show off Julie's work in it's new home.

My heartfelt thanks for your generous gift Julie. I'm thrilled to display something made by your hand in our home. It's my newest treasure.

Visit Julie online here: 
OR here:
 You'll be glad you did.

Until next time...


  1. Rhonda, Julie's wonderful heart make-do looks perfect with your spool caddy. What a treasure both Julie and her work are. Enjoy!

  2. Dear Rhonda~
    I was deeply touched by your lovely post and comments!! I'm so glad you love the heart and that it is your new favorite! How wonderful it looks with the sewing caddy!! A perfect pairing of special things!


  3. Julie,
    I think everyone who knows you must consider you a treasure. :) And the make-do is perfect.