Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boxwood and Berries~Day 2~

Where oh where does the time go? You've all been so patient, waiting to hear about my incredible day two at Boxwood & Berries...this time with the fun and fabulous Stacy Nash instructing our group. Here goes.

~Stacy's Finished Project/Sample~
(Photo courtesy of Patti Gagliardi)

Walking into the school room that morning felt very surreal. I think I must've pinched myself hundreds of times during my time in Spring Green. But sure enough, I was wide awake and day two was ready to begin. Taking our places, each of us found this pretty little package at our place setting, like a gift waiting to be opened.

(Photo courtesy of Patti Gagliardi)

I have long been an admirer of Stacy's work, chatted with her through email, and even sold her patterns way back when...but I had somehow never gotten the chance to meet her in person. My first impression of Stacy...a lovely, tall blonde who reminds me a great deal of my gorgeous friend Jane-both from Indianapolis, their voices eerily similar. I think the very best thing about Stacy (besides her obviously killer talent) has to be her sense of humor. She  can deliver a joke with a totally deadpan expression. You know, the kind of humor that makes you do a double take? She's a funny lady...I really love that.

Stacy is also warm and friendly, and very clever. She eased us into a detailed project that looked hard, but she had somehow found a way to make easy. Remember the sampler I was stitching a few posts back? Under Stacy's guidance, we spent the morning turning our stitched pieces into a beautiful fabric covered sewing box...complete with accessories. We all marveled at how easy everything went together and were thrilled to go home with so many finished projects. Again, I was fortunate enough to share a table with Patti, needlewoman extraordinaire, who was always one step ahead of me and willing to answer my bazillion questions. 

A table at the back of the room was laden with projects from both designers. Stacy's newest projects line up along the back wall. 

Stacy's new Christmas pattern and a fall sampler she created for a class at Not Forgotten Farm.
(Photo courtesy of Patti Gagliardi)

Day two found us incredibly busy as we tried to fit in as many adventures as possible. Once again Patti led the way as we took ride in the beautiful countryside to a little shop called The Woodshed. The gentleman who owns the shop refurbishes wooden crates and boxes (the kind we love) and gives them new life. As much as I enjoyed seeing the shop...I think I enjoyed the ride there and back with Carla & Wendy more. Having met at Boxwood & Berries only last year, the two have become good friends. With their banter and easy laughter they seemed almost like sisters. I really hope to spend more time with this FUN pair!   

Jeanne is a fantastic organizer and packed our time in Spring Green with wonderful activities. Late in the afternoon on day two, we got a chance to stretch our legs by walking several blocks to the home of Ruth Hass, a local antiques dealer. Ruth's home is gorgeous, and is decorated in the simple, primitive colonial style that is my particular favorite. Ruth was gracious enough to not only let us peek inside her home, but to allow us to take photos so YOU could peek too.

Patti has some great shots of Ruth's home on her blog, so I'll try not to duplicate them...but as I scanned my photos,  I noticed that Patti & I seemed to fall for the same vignettes in Ruth's home. :) (Hop on over to Patti's blog for more photos!)

As you walk in the front door, this corner "office" is sure to catch your eye. I think if I had to pick a most favorite spot in the house, this would be it. Maybe.

Ruth's family room features built in shelving, a fireplace and access to the sun porch. You wouldn't know it by looking, but her family uses this room every day. 

On the other side of a central staircase is this rustic, but functional,  dining room. People actually eat meals here. 

At the back of the house, just off the kitchen, is this truly amazing buttery. This room is a work of art. Oh to be a crock on Ruth's buttery shelves and just gaze at this masterpiece all day long! 
The view from my shelf in the buttery.

Even the bathrooms are beautiful here.

Impeccable displays abound. I loved the simplicity of this washstand in the upstairs bath.

After the others had passed through, I lingered. One of the most pleasant things about Ruth's home was the play of light on carefully placed objects.

Primitive doll in upstairs bedroom.

Chest in upstairs hall.

Game board in upstairs hall.

 Main floor, back hallway.

And this, dear readers, was just day two. Can you imagine?

And where did MY completed "Stacy project" end up?

My finished project found a home on a little tavern table in front of the window among other sewing collectables. Isn't it perfection? :)

Until next time...


  1. Very beautiful home, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Good Morning, Rhonda, much creative inspiration here. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Gosh, a simply wonderful trip, with wonderful memories for you!! You did a beautiful job on your class projects!! So happy to hear you had such a lovely adventure!!

  4. It may be wrong, but I just can't help it - I'm a perfectly ugly color of green here...A day with Stacy Nash, doing up one of her patterns - and then that AMAZING home tour - is just too good....I'd seen some of the pictures of Ruth's home on Patti's blog and was drooling then - and am again. That home is absolute perfection! Thanks so much for sharing! And your SN project turned out perfectly....You did her proud! Have a wonderful Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. What a beautiful home Ruth has. Simple yet so perfect with her displays. It reminds me of my mother-in-law's home. It doesn't look like anyone really lives there, lol. What does she do with all of her stuff? :)

  6. Wonderful home tour, Ruth's home is just amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.Love your finished project too!Hugs,Jen

  7. It's a dream of mine to be able to take classes with Stacy Nash and Maggie B. I am hoping maybe next year..but it is quite far for me to travel. I have been to The Country SAmpler and it is a beautiful, beautiful shop. I love your friend's home...gorgeous pictures...thanks so much for sharing!