Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Thrifty Thursday~

If you hang around here long enough you will come to realize that almost everything I own has had a previous owner. We don't have priceless antiques and almost everything is patched or remade from someone's castoffs. Nothing here is museum quality...and I'm good with that. I am a thrifty person by nature and go by the old adage, "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”. My old granny taught me well how to use up every bit of something, be it food or fabric. 

Like many of you, I frequent thrift shops and garage sales looking for buried treasure. I like the challenge of stretching a dollar or finding something at a rock bottom price. And since we are kindred spirits, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my finds from the last week. 
 ~When I came around the corner and saw this little cupboard in the shop I was immediately drawn to all the little drawers & knobs...then I saw the $15 price tag! It is missing one knob, and I might paint it (black?) , but I think I did pretty well for my money.~

The same shop always has a great selection of vintage glassware and jewelry. This week was no exception... 
  ~I found three pretty transferware plates in a springy green floral, a triple strand pearl necklace and a wonderful old tarnished cream & sugar-perfect for make-do pincushions...

...and this long strand of vintage glass beads in peaches and pinks...I have the perfect blouse to go with these.~

Some of you might remember my recent post about Picking. My overall best junkin' advice was to treat people the way you'd like to be treated. I tried my best to convince everyone that kindness matters...

There is a lovely older woman who tends one of the local church resales in my area...she is always especially gracious to me. Through conversation we have discovered that we both have an appreciation for many of the same things. She was an avid seamstress in her day and really knows her stuff. From time to time, I bring dolls and other projects into the shop to show her what I'm working on. I really just love talking with her. Last week when I was in the shop she said the words any die-hard, thrift store junkie loves to hear..."Come in the back. I have something special for you."
~As I unpacked everything she explained to me that she had brought this box from home...especially for me. The laces were freshly laundered and she had attached little notes telling who made each piece. She told me she wanted me to have these things.  Her generosity was truly overwhelming.~
~She had even rolled some of the lace into pretty little rosettes.~

And then there was this...
Someone had donated a beautiful quilt kit, enough fabric to make a queen size bed. Can you imagine? 
My generous friend said, "I thought of you when I saw it."
~Just look at all those adorable prints!~

So as you travel on your thrifty adventures this week, smile, and remember to practice the golden rule. Because kindness still matters.

Until next time...


  1. Good morning, Rhonda ~ what a lovely post and a great reminder that Kindness does matter. It is one of my favorite little sayings. I love all of your new treasures but especially the ones from your sweet friend. Have a lovely day!

  2. Rhonda, that was lovely, my heart was filled with love at the generosity of your friend, she is enjoying your visits just as much as you are, your best find has been a dear friend.

  3. Wow Rhonda: What wonderful gifts you've received....but even better, a sweet friendship. Love your finds especially the fabric & the little drawer cupboard (I've been on the look out for one of those).

  4. Hi Rhonda, I love the cupboard with all the little drawers, I have always been drawn to those, that was definetly a steal of a price. Yes, kindness matters alot, I am really friendly when I visit shops, and you can tell most people really enjoy being friendly back, I have made alot of friends in shops I visit just by smiling and chatting with them. Showing a little kindness makes me feel gook inside. Vicky

  5. Hi Rhonda, If you have noticed I can't spell this morning, my brain and fingers are not working together when I type, it is suppose to be, makes me feel good inside. Vicky

  6. You are so lucky to have found her. Not only for her sweet gifts, but for the knowledge she has of so many things. Love that cupboard! I like the color it is now too. What a fun shopping trip you had! I am the same way with things, use it until it's done. Hubs wants to buy a new TV, but there is nothing wrong with the one we have! Silly boys.

  7. What amazing treasures and that cupboard for $15? Unbelievable! I'm green -but then it's St Paddy's day afterall and I'm Irish!
    Best wishes

  8. love love love the cupboard and what a deal for $15... it will look great black. Thanks for sharing

  9. Rhonda~

    What wonderful goodies you picked up.I love the basket of lace. I love that she put little notes of some to them. You have received a precious gift with not only her friendship but also with some gifts that were special to her. A little kindness does a heart good!! I think you both won.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  10. Rhonda,
    I love your new little cabinet the drawers are darling what a great bargain. The friendship and gifts from the lady at the church store is Priceless you story brought tears to my eyes. Hope the rest of your week is as beautiful as it has been thus far.
    lil raggedy angie

  11. Hi Rhonda! I LOVE love LOVE that cabinet - why can I never get so lucky!? Seems you are also lucky to have such a lovely and generous friend. Have a wonderful day!

  12. So right you are! I love, love, love your little cabinet and you got it for a song! You sure received some wonderful lace and material, how wonderful, that she thought of you! Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful post.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  13. hi, Rhonda~
    Wonderful finds~ you find the beauty in the "someone else's junk" you have a gift!
    What a kind lady to think of you~ the lace is so pretty!Amazing isn't it how someone can touch our life with kindness~ You will remember that moment forever~
    thanks for sharing!

  14. Love that cupboard with all the drawers! And what a wonderful friendship because of kindness. Great post!

    Have a pickin' cool evening,

  15. Hi Rhonda,what awesome finds - love the cupboard. And you are so right about kindness. Your gifts are certainly treasures. Beautiful post. TFS.

  16. Just beautiful! I am sure she knew that you would really appreciate them! I like your cabinet!
    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Rhonda, several treasures here....first of all your friendship with this kind lady! Second, the little red cupboard...what a find!!! What a price!!! And the laces from your friend....

    Yes, treasures...!
    Hugs, Diane

  18. What a great bargain you found in the red cupboard. No one could pass that up. It was real nice of the lady at the shop to think of you in the gifts you received. Those are the special ones. Hope to here from you soon.
    Country at heart

  19. I like your philosophy about everything in this post. I think I'm going to start using "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”. It's a good rule of thumb. And I agree that kindness goes a long way!
    I love all of your treasures especially the vintage linens. Just lovely.

  20. Little drawers make me weak in the knees, and now you have TWO great sets of them! Have you ever shared the story behind the one with thread spools for knobs? I love it!

  21. First of all... $15 for that awesome cupboard?!? I love these type with little drawers, I am drawn to them whenever I see them. I am big on thrifting and stretching my $$ too.

    What a beautiful story Rhonda! How very sweet of that special lady to give you such precious pieces!