Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Scavenger Hunt #1

Remember when you were twelve and went to your best friend's birthday party? How her mother served tacos and always thought of the best games? For me, the scavenger hunt was the highlight of the party...running from door to door in the twilight, giggling with friends, knocking on doors...the list in one hand, your bag of booty in the other. Thank you Misi, for making me feel twelve again. 

*Giggle, Giggle* 
Here's the list for week one...

1. Old Jar of Garden seeds
"I wait at the window, sowing the seeds that I keep in a jar by the door (along with my face)." Oops...channeling a little Eleanor Rigby there...
 Sometimes the packaging is almost as pretty as the blooms.~

  ~These old seed jars were a gift from Aunt Annie. They were used in her father's feed store to dispense garden seeds. The original 1952 labels remain intact.~
~Mr. Kattywhompus now uses them to store his heirloom bean seeds for the coming year.~

2. Faceless Rag/Cloth Doll
~I traced a wooden spoon to create a pattern for this little doll and outfitted her in the most basic of dresses. 
Sew Simple.~

~And here's a little mini-makeover for you. I found these faceless clothespin dolls on clearance in a local antique booth last week. My first though was, "Hey that's real calico". My second thought was,"Ugh, hot glue...really?" But the little dolls alone were worth the $4 I paid, so I brought this piece home and gave it a face-lift. Now it looks like this...~
 ~The changes I made were simple, but I think, made this piece so much nicer. I repainted the frame black, sanded it a bit, then gave it a coat of dark Bri-wax. I turned the quilt scrap upside down to show off the little patch of red. I moved the little dolls (which were literally hanging by a thread) ever so slightly and then put  everything back together more securely.~

3. Homespun Pillow Case – (adult bed size or larger)

~When Misi listed homespun pillow cases, I gasped...I didn't HAVE homespun pillow cases! So I promptly made a set. Why make your own pillow cases? Because you can choose your favorite homespun fabric, and add special touches like feather stitching along the edge.~
~We are not amused...
 ~Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a large angry cat to perch on a bed pillow that you have precariously balanced on the counter top?~

4. Pastry Roller
~An old ironstone rolling pin from my Great, Great, Grandmother, Lucinda Bebe Jacobs, rests alongside my everyday rolling pin and a stoneware pastry crimper. My Gram told me the rolling pin was already missing it's wooden handles when she used it as a girl. The little crimper was one of the first antiques I ever bought. I bought the noodle board at an auction thirty years ago for $3. No one knew what it was at the time...including me.~

5. Doll Bed
~Here is Miss Kattywhompus looking out of sorts. She awoke to find herself sleeping in the buttery like a common servant. For someone who sleeps in a bed made from old crates, she certainly puts on airs.~

6. A piece of old Ironstone Pottery/Dishware
~I found this pretty green Meakin ironstone at a local thrift shop just last week. My intention was to sell it...until I got it home and saw how charming it looked alongside the narcissus and daffodils. The color says "springtime", wouldn't you agree?~
  These three pieces comprise my entire collection of all white antique ironstone...but I'm working on it.

Please stop by Misi's blog to share in the fun! 
Until next time...


  1. Wonderful displays~ fun isn't it~ Great pillow case~ but I really love the fur ball!

  2. You crack me up Rhonda!! I love your style of writing, a BIG reason I had to renew my subscription to Merchantile Gatherings!
    Congrats on all your hunt finds!

  3. Awww are too sweet. I'll be sure to tell Twigs. Job security, you know? ;)

  4. Oh Rhonda..Thanks for bringing me back to age twelve..Your description of our adolescent scavenger hunts.. perfectly resemble my memories.. Did you ever see the movie "Now & Then?".A darling movie ..brings me right back to 12 again just as you have done here {{HUGS}}
    WOWZERS you certainly have found ALL 6 on the hunt list..and your items are gorgeous! .. especially your crimper & roller *Lovely!
    Squeeze that kitty for taking a pose!
    Thanks for the Fun!

  5. Delightful and nostalgic! Always love my visits.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Rhonda,
    I love the idea you used for making your faceless doll.....She is perfect! Great Displays!

  7. The homespun pillow is awesome. I just don't have the imagination to think of neat things like you do. Really nice post.

  8. Lovely as always!!! Your posts ALWAYS make me smile!!! Thanks for thinking of me too!!

    Blessings and Hugs~~

  9. Love the seed jars, all your displays are delightful.
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessings,

  10. What a wonderful post. Love it all especially the doll bed. Enjoy your day.


  11. Robin, A most wonderful post!!!Love the doll, but your homespun pillow cases, LOVE THEM!!!!
    I am with Robyn, love your articles in MG!!! OLM

  12. great job! I have old coffee jars like that!
    Love your pillow!
    See you next week!

  13. Good job collecting all your items! But the item that REALLY caught my eye is the wooden piece with all the little drawers - would love to see another picture or two of it - and hear the story behind it - where you got it - who owned it - what you use it for - etc.....

  14. Thanks for the kind comments about my articles in Mercantile is my pleasure to write for all of you and for such a beautiful publication. I never dreamed I would be doing such a thing and am very blessed to be given the opportunity.

    Gayle,you are not alone...everyone seems to love that funny, crooked old thing. :)It does make a GREAT backdrop for photos, doesn't it? I wrote a little about how I acquired it here:

    There are a few more photos of it there too. Oh, and it's full of, what else...buttons! I might have a "little" problem in that area.

    Thanks again for your encouraging comments everyone!

  15. Rhonda, Love your prim doll made from a wood spoon pattern, how clever, she is lovely. Also had my eye on the wood drawer piece, a great back drop for photos. The seed jars are precious as well, congrats on finding all these treasurers.

  16. So many pretty things! Love it all, especially the ironstone! Your clothespin doll makeover is precious too.

  17. Your displays are so pretty! I love all the ironstone.
    Love the detail on your pillow case too!