Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vactation (OR where the heck have you been?)

Some of you might be wondering just what happened to me over the summer...I've really missed being part of the blogging community these last few months. I've missed seeing what you've been up to, your projects, your photos, your offerings...I've missed YOU. I really appreciate my faithful readers...THANK YOU for sticking with me, I hope you'll return again and again.

I can't believe it's fall! Seriously, summer flew by so quickly that I almost feel like it never happened. We were just incredibly, incredibly busy here. It seems like we went from one project to the next... 

There was a lot of painting, remodeling, and exchanging of spaces. My studio moved from a small crowded room on the main floor of the house, to two large rooms on the second floor. My old studio became a cozy little sitting room just off the master bedroom. 

This may not sound like much to some of you, but with the exception of moving the heavy furniture, I did most of the work myself.  The moving, sorting and organizing of supplies was probably the biggest part of the project. I made myself go through every button and spool and was relieved that my family didn't call the producers of "Hoarders" when they saw what was packed into my tiny studio. Mr. Kattywhompus said it reminded him of a clown car...where no matter how many clowns emerge-there's always one (or two) more. *sigh*

The changes have been a dream. I not only inherited a bigger space, but three more closets and room for an office, packaging area and permanent spot to take product photos. I was able to move most of the inventory for my vintage shop into one space, and still have a pretty and functional area to create. Of course during the move, I wasn't able to get a bit of work done...but I feel like I will be able to be much more productive now that everything is in one space and more organized.  I also have plenty of room to host gatherings with friends, which has happened a couple of times already. :)

As the mother of three sons, I've lived in a world flooded with testosterone for over twenty years. Now that the two oldest have their own place, I lost no time in creating what they refer to as "The Pink Room".

I really wanted a pretty (and comfortable) chair to sit in by the window and stitch. It's pretty now, but it certainly wasn't when I found it. I'll tell you in my next post how I PAINTED the upholstery and transformed this Craigslist find. You might be as amazed as I was at how easy it was!

In my new space, I even have room to to create vignettes with all the little pretties I've collected over the years.

Surrounding myself with things I love inspires me.

Fabric at my fingertips.

Pretty storage all in a row.

The "Hoosier" makes great storage (but was a booger going up the stairs).
Needfuls near the sewing machine.

On the tabletop, a sweet stemmed dish, a gift from my mother-in-love. Each time I made her a grandma, she brought me a pretty piece of glassware. One day I hope to gift them to my daughter-in-loves. The little kitten was a Mother's Day gift. I can still picture four year old Nash, standing by my bedside at 5 am, with a tiny gift wrapped box. :)

Favorite things...vintage rabbits, Tasha Tudor storybooks and shiny dragees unearthed at an estate sale by my friend Joan.

More Inspiration...

Everyone needs a helper...


Another corner...

A turn of the century, white cotton day dress and antique ladies pocket watch, gifts from my Momma.

I have one last project to finish in this room. I want to paint my worktable a creamy white. It's a big round claw-foot table that we've had since we were first married. Right now the finish looks like really needs a makeover.

Well...I hope you've enjoyed the tour. I look forward to sharing the rest of my summer with you...including a tutorial on how to paint upholstered furniture, a special outing with friends, my first big feature story in Mercantile Gatherings Magazine and what I am looking forward to for fall. Until next time...Rhonda

(Please forgive my crazy spacing...blogger seems to be buggy tonight.)


  1. Welcome Back, dear Rhonda!!
    I wondered about you many times but figured you were busy (guess I figured right and you WERE!) and taking a break for the summer!! I was SO HAPPY to see your new post!!
    Your rooms are just GORGEOUS and so pretty in pink...the perfect girly spot to create and dream...and I know from the sound of things, you will be doing both!!
    The chair is really lovely and I actually had 2 wingback chairs at one time in that same shade, but they were not fun is that!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!
    Take care my friend and again, Welcome Back!!
    Blessings and Hugs~~

  2. What wonderful things you have accomplished * A dream **Beautiful studio! I am in awe with girly delight!
    Bliss for you friend xxoo i have missed you!

  3. Welcome Back Rhonda!! So very good to hear from you again!! And - ahhh...what a wonderful haven you have created - such a beautiful girly girl space to play, dream and create!! Lucky, lucky you!!! (Well, ok - minus the hard work part of it!) You did an amazing job pulling all your treasures together in such an inviting and organized way...Love it!! And I adore the chair! Wishing you a blessing-filled week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi,Robyn ~ you've been missed~
    Beautiful decorating!!! Girly!! love it!!
    Have a wonderful day~

  5. Welcome back, Rhonda ~ you've been missed! Your studio is stunning and I love everything about it. What a fabulous area to create in. I'm looking forward to reading about how you painted that chair. Can't wait.

  6. Girlie,whimsical and soooo pretty.Glad you accomplished your dream space! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Rhonda, WOW!!! You have been one busy gal!!! Just read both post! Love everything you did and can't wait to read your feature in the next Mercantile! So glad to see you back in blogland! You have been missed! OLM

  8. Oh Rhonda, I just feel in love with your sewing/craft room. "Pretty in Pink", light and airy, so perfect for creating. I could sit in that lovely chair and ready Mercantile Gatherings all day long. Thank you for sharing, have missed you girlfriend. Can't wait to see what you are stitching up next.

  9. Wow! You have had a very busy summer! I'm not into this style, but I really LOVE your new space!! It is so beautiful and what fun to use your pretties as functional pieces! I would love to come and just sit in this room, hehe... so much inspiration and precious memories all around you. I still have 3 kiddos at home so I only have a small crafting space right now.... trying not to be jealous here, lol!