Monday, June 6, 2011

~Coming Home Again~

"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again"  
(Margaret Elizabeth Sangster)
I've missed you. It's true. I'm so grateful that you've stuck around.
I really have been a blogger of the worst kind, and for that I must apologize. Spring here has been wild and wonderful...but mostly just wild. I suppose some of you are curious about what I've been up to. And for those of you who don't care, just ignore me...go ahead and scroll through the pretty pictures. 

Here's one to get you started.
This lovely ironstone pitcher was a gift from my sweet friend Emily. She arrived at my house just before Mother's day and presented me with a huge package. I have often coveted admired her beautiful collection of ironstone, and was shocked when she gifted a number of her pieces to me because, "You are such a good Mom". Her loving words and kind gesture sincerely overwhelmed me. 
These are few of the other pieces Em shared with me. 
I'm not worthy!
My new collection inspired me to de-clutter the buttery shelves and go with something simpler for summertime. But I'm such a clutter-bug...I have so much trouble keeping things to a minimum. I'm still not sure I got it right.

 Sometimes I wonder why I do the crazy things I do. What I mean is...why do I choose the busiest time of the year to embark on a huge home improvement project? Since the two oldest "boys" moved into their own place, Mr. Kattywhompus and I have been rethinking the way we use the space in our home. He encouraged me to move from my small studio sewing room, into two large rooms on the second floor. That might sound simple, but in reality it's quite an undertaking. Although he encouraged me, Mr. Kattywhompus, has been unavailable to help me accomplish such a daunting task. Between raindrops, he has been sowing and reaping (and mowing). And with my built in help cozily settled into their own bachelor pad, I am pretty much on my own. I have been painting, shampooing carpets, moving furniture, and sorting through the seemingly endless array of crafty "needfuls". 
When my back hurts and I am tired and whiny, I envision how it will look...all beautiful and pink and spacious, with room to invite friends over to play. 
It will be so worth it...but sometimes I still whine.

When I simply cannot force myself to sort through another box (or whenever I can sneak away) I have been hitting some wonderful summer garage sales. I bragged to Misi about one of my best, most amazing finds this year, and promised her a picture. 
So, this one's for you Misi.
You should have seen how fast I moved when I saw this on the table...and then I saw the price...$200. No, it says $20. NO- it says $2. !!! I thought I was imagining things. 
For less than I pay for a cup of was mine.

Speaking of may have noticed some of her delicious, scented wax fruit in the foreground. She very sweetly send me a delightful package including these. They are rustic and beautiful...and they smell wonderful.
I also purchased some of Misi's pansy bowl fillers for myself and for my Mother. They make an entire room smell heavenly and Mom loved them.
To experience Misi's wares for yourself go here.

Between Emily and Misi I have been very spoiled these last few weeks. I have one other wonderful thing to share...but it will have to wait, as I used it to create something special for my swap partner. Don't fret, you won't have to wait long, my package goes out tomorrow.

And for sticking with's one more pretty picture for you.

~An ironstone pitcher filled with lilacs from the side yard~
Until next time...


  1. All so the ironstone & your garage sale steal was a steal!! Keep up the good work with moving your craft room, it will be worth it in the end....what I would give to have a craft room!! Once my oldest son decides to venture out on his own I have claimed his room for my own! Wonderful gifts from your friends, I have to place an order with Misi...her things are so beautiful!! ~Kriss~

  2. So happy to see you sweetie! Oh the ironstone from your friend is beautiful.Misi is so creative I've been thinking of the pansy bowl fillers need to sit down and get a order together.The transfer plate is lovely what a steal! Glad you are enjoying some time in between the work.Hugs!~Amy

  3. Beautiful your new ironstone... I'm drooling over your brown transferware platter. you are one lucky lady for finding that!

  4. I was just thinking about you the other day wondering what you were up to, I have been missing you. I love you ironstone collection on you buttery shelves, very nice. I know what you mean, it seems like I always pick the busiest time of the year to try to do it all. Trying to do my flower beds, and the house at the same time. Love your transferware platter, steal of a price. Have fun rearranging and moving your sewing room. Just happy you are back, hugs. Vicky

  5. It is so nice to hear from you again, Rhonda, I have missed you and always look forward to your news. This post is lovely, you are so right about the white ironstone, it sheds so much light on the meaning of "simple". I can relate to the downsizing bit, we all love our needfuls so much we hate to put them away for awhile. Thank you for sharing, girlfriend, come back soon. Blessings

  6. You are so loved to receive such beautiful gifts! I believe your buttery looks just perfect the way you decluttered. The ironstone filled with greens is the right touch! I am going to have to order some of those cherries from Misi, BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see your finished room, if you need help call me! :)

  7. hi, Ronda
    Beautiful ironstone~ a very dear friend!
    Misi's goodies smell sooo good!!
    Your busy sounds fun~ stressful~ hardwork~ but our kind of fun~ rearranging, creating, deoorating, gets the mind rolling!!!
    Pretty Peonies & lilacs I can smell them!

  8. You HAVE been busy! Your pictures (and Ironstone) are so beautiful...I rally do miss lilacs and peonies, here in the Vegas desert!

  9. Hi Ronda~

    What beautiful ironstone. You sure have a wonderful friend. Love your beautiful flowers & I can just imagine the smell~heavenly. I hope you will share your new creative space when you have it finished.

    Enjoy your week~Becky

  10. Rhonda,

    FIRST!! I believe you are WORTHY!!! Love the ironstone..I am admiring your new collection!
    Now for those boys... would a bribe of a homecooked meal not brought even a hours of help? As the mom of boys... I know how hard that can be sometime... Mine are dreaming of their "future pads"
    Then your plate... OH MY, MY heart skipped a beat too! WOOSZERS!!!! OLM

  11. Welcome back Rhonda!! We've missed you!! Wow!!! That's some kind of gal pal to have your Miss Emily!!! I saw the ironstone pitcher with peonies and thought - wow, awful nice gift - but to see she gave you a whole collection...Holy Cats!! Looks wonderful in your buttery....And I have no doubt whatsoever that you are more than worthy!! Beautiful photos - I have some of Misi's pansies too and love them! Great steal - I mean deal - on the transferware...Lucky you!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Can't wait for you to enjoy your new space and to see some pics...and what lovely new goodies you have....I'm sure its tiring but at the same time rewarding,,,enjoy the journey..

  13. What wonderful, thoughtful friends you have.
    You'll be surprised, but I cut peonies today
    and mine are in a white ironstone pitcher!!
    They have little streaks of strawberry red
    so it isn't too much white. Mine have a
    scent like lemon verbena and roses. Do yours?
    DH and I can't stop sniffing when we
    pass by.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA